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“ Our wipes are made with our children in mind”

Everything great come from love and passion

Why We are the No.1 Choice

Everything great comes from love and passion, at Clearly herbal we are no different. Our wipes are made with the Love and passion. Clearly Herbal is the world's leading Herbal and Bamboo baby wipe brand. From the very beginning when we developed the first product in the market place for Herbal and Bamboo baby wipes we still continuously search for the finest ingredients from around the world to create the most natural and environmentally friendly products for babies and children's delicate skin for everyday use.

Clearly Herbal provides a unique approach in cleaning, protecting and healing the skin. Our Special Natural Skin Cleansing System™ is created using the whole baby wipe and everything that goes in our wipes, we work with nature and how nature works best on skincare through a wipe. Every ingredient is picked, handled carefully and added using our special methods to ensure that every wipe gives the best nature has to offer.

Any Natural product that contains water provides a breeding ground for bacteria, yeast, and fungi. Our unique wipes are created using a special liquid formulation treatment™ to ensure that we endeavour to keep you close to nature while dealing with issues such as potential bacteria, yeast and fungi.

All Natural Ingredients that go into wipes need protection from air, bacteria, sunlight , temperature and contamination from human hands. With this in mind we have developed our industry leading Stay Fresh Packaging™, this is the highest quality in baby wipe packaging compared to other brands. It is designed to maintain the high quality of Clearly Herbal wipes at all times.

Clearly Herbal are the only Brand in the sector to have a Pure Quality Control™ system. This ensures that every wipe used provides the highest quality, effectiveness and takes care of the environment. We are able to do this because we manufacturer our product in house and therefore are able invest heavily into all the processes. Our manufacturing systems are monitored and inspected by World leading external audit agencies such EPA, Nordic Swan, BRC certification, FDA, ISO9001, GMP and ISO9001.

As one of the World's largest manufacturers of wet wipes in the world we have a great advantage in our vast experience. Clearly Herbal is different from many brands because we use highest quality wipe material. This unique wipe material is soft, does not tear, holds large volume of liquid, cleans grime close to the skin and lasts much longer than traditional material. Our Wipe cloth design provides the advantage that fewer wipes are required to clean the skin, there is less waste, works better on the skin, less waste and better on the Environment.

We strongly believe that our children's future is about taking care of their environment and promoting manufacturing with responsibility for the planets scare resources. We are the only wipes brand to deploy a Fast Eco Friendly™ strategy. We aim to give back to Nature more than we take and at a faster rate. Our dedicated team are totally committed to creating products that are safe, natural, sustainable and protect the environment in many ways.

Our Families are the most important people in our lives, everyone looks to providing their children's with the most natural products with the assurance of reliability and performance. Our clients range from young families to some of the largest retailers in the world who come to us because we provide quality assurance, guarantee and peace of mind in the products we create.

Human consumption of natural resources is being used at a rate that is not sustainable. Global Warming and Deforestation and these reports either fatigue or motivate us to make necessary changes in our lives. At Clearly Herbal our Eco friendly approach is to give back to nature what we takes. With all our products we carry out a environmental commitment strategy.

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