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Traction Pods for Enhanced Wiping Performance

Made with High Purity Chlorine Free & De-Ionized Water

Free from Alcohol, Parabens & Fromaldehyde

Ultra Mild Formula

Pure Water Baby Wipes2_.png
Pure Water Baby Wipes Text .png

Superior Thickness & Purity


The Choice made by mothers who demand only the best wipes.

Baby wipes are one of the most commonly used lotion-formulated products on your baby's skin. With our state of art water purification system, we have developed one of the purest baby wipes in the world. The water used in this baby wipe is remis free from metals, bacterial bioburden, chlorine, and other impurities. Our lotion formula is so mild & gentle that it is 99.9% water. Our emphasis on quality lies within both the baby purity of the wipe formula and the cloth's quality. These wipes are of the thickest and the softest material that your baby will ever experience.



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